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"NO-POINT" COMPETITORS Explanation & Procedures

01/08/2017, 1:58am EST
By T. Hoessler, USSA AOEWG

For years, we referred to "no-point" competitors (competitors who had not earned USSA/FIS Points) as 990.00's.  However, in season 2012-13, FIS began calculating FIS Points beyond this range.  We were originally informed the calculation would stop at 990.00, but it was later adjusted to 999.00.  In order to deal with this issue, USSA-issued USSA and FIS Points Lists had to change the  "no points" designation to a default of 999.99.


  • When a competitor is not found on either the USSA or FIS lists downloaded into the software and manual competitor entry is required, all points (USSA & FIS) will display the default of 999.99.  This default assignment is correct.
  • All competitors' FIS data must be verified against the appropriate source - FIS website!  Competitors who have not earned event FIS points within the calculated range will show as a blank for the event. If an event shows a "blank" for event points, software default will be 999.99. This default assignment is correct.
  • Event FIS Points must not be altered unless: 1) Verification against official FIS List shows a "C" which designates "confirmed" for the applicable event; 2) Official Notice (FIS Points Confirmation Letter) is received from the FIS Bureau (FIS's quick reaction and assignment of "C" status has made a FIS Points Confirmation Letter unnecessary.) 
  • When verifying USSA competitors' data (non-FIS event) against the official list (USSA website), competitors who have not earned event USSA points will show as 999.99.  This is correct; software will reflect this.
  • USSA Points must not be altered unless Official Notice (Points Confirmation Letter) is received from USSA.
  • Overriding software-assigned 999.99 and entering 990.00 is essentially awarding Points to a "no-point" competitor.
  • Foreign FIS competitors (with current USSA memberships) who are entered in USSA non-FIS events but who have no current USSA points are seeded with their current FIS Points and these FIS points are used in the USSA Penalty calculation.  (This generally only applies to their first events/first season as USSA Points Lists for consecutive scoring periods/seasons would show  earned USSA Points. ) This situation does require alteration of USSA Points and is the only acceptable reason* for altering USSA Points without having received a USSA Points Confirmation Letter issued by USSA. 

*Exception: CAN-AM Events - please refer to published CAN-AM seeding policies.

Thank you for your assistance in distributing this to your member clubs/officials.


T. Hoessler, Chair

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