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Submitting Race Results

01/10/2017, 12:11pm EST
By T. Hoessler

All alpine race results - including USA-FIS, USSA Scored, Non-Scored and Masters - must be submitted to

In order for the auto-system to accept the results, they must be:

1) In XML format

2) Submitted individually (1 race file per email transmission) with USSA-assigned race code/codex # as email subject.

It is the Technical Delegate's responsibility to verify that the results are sent and also that they are correct when posted.

All physical copy result packet requirements must also be followed for all race types. Please refer to Master Packet of Forms (#5. USSA Race Result Document Packets and #6. FIS Race Result Document Packets).

Thank you for your cooperation.

T. Hoessler, Chair




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