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Split Second now has Team Results/Scoring capability

11/03/2017, 11:37am EDT
By P. Nichols

Good morning all,

The latest version of the SplitSecond scoring software includes a team results function under the Reports menu.  Any of you who used the team scoring incorporated in the club software know that Geoff's solutions are easy to use.  Just set and go. There are two report options; a “Participation” option which scores finish-place points to all athletes, and a “Performance” option that scores WC points to the top 30. There is also a choice to include top 3, top 4, or top 5 to calculate team scores. 

Please let your OCs and RAs know this feature is now available. If you’re still hosting officials’ clinics you could add team scoring to the agenda.  Team scoring is a great way to add excitement to local racing, and to divisional championships and finals.  

If your clubs are using another approved Race and Event Scoring Software  due to their programs preferences, remind them they still can do team scoring.  They can either use spreadsheets and do their own scoring or they can import results into the Split Second solution.

Have a great season,


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