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U16 and Older Course Setting Specification Clarification

01/02/2018, 11:30am EST

I continue to get asked about the new “U16 and Older” course setting specifications (2018 Competition Guide p. 134).

To clarify:   If U16s are participating in an event open to U16 and older athletes, the maximum vertical drop is per the “U16 and Older” specification listed in the table.  Footnote 1 is never applicable when U16s are participating.

The * footnote “Where multiple age classes are competing, course setting guidelines will be based on the guidelines for one class older than the youngest class …” is not applicable to “U16 and Older” events. 

The “U19 and Older only” group listed in footnote 1 is a subset of the “U16 and Older” group.  By definition, U16s are not participating in “U19 and Older only” competitions. 


Slalom examples:


Max Vertical Drop

U16 SL

160 m

U16/U19/U21 SL

160 m

U19/U21 SL

200 m

U14/U16 SL

160 m

U12/U14 SL

140 m


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